Join the Green Team
And be the difference.

At AIB, we’re making a difference to how businesses contribute to climate action. We’re aiming to make 70 percent of our lending green or transition by 2030 and we’ve set up a €30 billion climate action fund.

To achieve these exciting goals, we need a bigger team. We’re hiring people who want to make a difference. We’re particularly interested in hearing from you if you have a background in financial modelling and experience in banking advisory or industry generally. You might be starting out in those areas or experienced, either way, let’s hear from you.

You can be part of Climate Capital, where we provide large scale lending to renewables and infrastructure projects in Ireland, UK, Europe and USA.

As we expand this team, we’ll provide candidates with development, training and coaching in a collaborative work environment. Our working environment is hybrid for a more sustainable work life balance.

Here’s more detail about the functions in our Climate Capital Team

Origination: Based in Dublin, London and New York, our Origination Team work on new deals. We complete financial modelling to decide if deals are viable, assess resources, write credit papers, negotiate terms and legal documents and present proposed loans to the Credit Committee for approval.

Portfolio Management: Once a deal is signed, our Portfolio Management Team then support the customer. Working closing with the customer in a stewardship role, we review loans and visit sites to report on project progress. Strong financial modelling is also required for this role. Our Portfolio Management team is based in Dublin, supporting global deals.

Governance: Our Governance Team supports with regulatory and governance oversight, performing risk and control assessment including regulatory requirements. We do quality assurance testing to identify any issues and put actions in place to solve them. Our Governance Team is based in Dublin

Climate Capital Offers Exposure to a Broad Range of Deals Including:

Energy Transition - onshore/ offshore wind projects, solar projects, bioenergy projects and green transport transition
Social Infrastructure - hospitals, schools & universities, roads and Public Private Structures 
Digital Infrastructure - mobile phone towers and data centres

We Pledge to Do More

Paul Travers, Head of Climate Capital

We’ve been working to build a more sustainable business. We’ve invested in renewable energy and infrastructure projects and supported a €30 billion climate action fund.  

And yet, it’s still not enough. And we will keep telling ourselves that every day. AIB alone is not the solution to climate change, but we are doing everything we can to be a part of it.