In Digital, we aim to achieve digital transformation through our vision of Disrupt, Design & Deliver.

Customer Led Design: Deliberate focus on getting the design right and adopting an approach of ‘measure twice, cut once’. We focus on our customer – always ensuring that we design the solution to address the challenges our customers face.

Making Processes Simple: Focus on the processes that have the maximum impact on the customer and resolving those processes, completely, end to end. This will also enable AIB to deliver optimal cost to serve. 

Customer Data: As customers interact more digitally we must work to ensure delivery of a personalised experience. Digital interactions generate vast amounts of data. We must organise it, interrogate it and generate insights from it to help us maintain the personal connection with that customer. 

Resilient & Agile Technology: Replace the technology that no longer works as we need it to and make our existing technology more flexible so that we are able to change it more quickly to be more responsive to changing customer needs. How systems integrate with each other is a vital part of this.

Group Technology Services
Group Technology Services design, build and operate the Bank’s IT infrastructure, as well as core banking and payments applications. This service is provided in conjunction with key strategic IT partners. GTS is split into eight Towers including: the Office of the CIO; IT Risk Governance & Technology Architecture; Information Security; Payments and Platforms Transformation; Quality Enterprise Systems; IT Service Operations; IT Partner Management and Demand & Portfolio Management. The foundation to our strategy is to get the basics right by running and protecting AIB’s IT systems. The absence of cyber incidents and availability of key systems significantly contributes to the provision of a great customer experience especially as we seek to support a Digitally Enabled Bank. Our ambition is to be recognised as having the best technology function of any bank in Europe.


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