Working with us

Working with us

At AIB, we recognise that the recovery and success of our business depends on the professionalism and dedication of our employees. We are continually seeking new, talented and energetic individuals to work with our existing talent to help us deliver on our vision and strategy. Joining AIB will provide you with:

Career Development

We are going through an unprecedented level of change as a business and joining AIB now will give you the opportunity to be part of a fantastic business turnaround. We actively encourage people to work in a broad range of roles and functions and we provide leading Learning and Development Solutions to support people on their career journey.

Performance Feedback and Review

At AIB, we invest in building people leaders who are skilled at having really engaging performance conversations with their teams. In joining AIB, not only will you have a clear picture of what is expected from the role, you will receive regular feedback on performance in order to support you, build on your strengths and develop new skills.

Competitive Remuneration

We offer a fair and competitive package at AIB. However, joining AIB is much more than just about pay. It's about being part of an exciting business turnaround and helping to revive the Irish and GB economies.

Employee Engagement

Engagement is about feeling listened to, involved, valued and energised about work and the part you play in delivering our strategy. It's an important focus for us at AIB as we know if we get engagement right, we will make AIB a great place to work where employees are proud to say they work here.

We will also unlock lots of energy and effort which we can channel towards our customers and each other in our daily interactions. AIB is a collaborative place to work. Around here, everyone's opinion counts, especially from customers' and staff.

Work-life balance

We actively support diversity and such we recognize that our people may need flexibility in their work patterns at certain times in their career when balancing priorities between their personal live and work life. We provide a wider variety of flexible working options, including reduce hours, specific options for parents, career breaks, special absence breaks and agile working policies.

Commitment to Diversity

At AIB diversity is not simply about gender, race, age, sexual orientation or disability; it's also about differences in personality, beliefs, working and thinking style. Embracing these differences creates a working environment where all of our people feel valued and respected in reaching their potential and in working together to drive individual, team and business success.